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How It Works

Let's claim every penny owed to you

The tax refund process is very easy and simple at PennyGenius. The income tax refund process is divided into three easy steps.

  • Fill the online application with accurate details.
  • After the assessment, we will link your data with the Inland Revenue Department for tax refund.
  • Once the tax returns are cleared by the IRD we will send you a cheque or transfer your fund to your Bank Account as applicable.

PennyGenius will contact you if we have any query regarding any information that you have shared with us. You can also contact us if there are any queries regarding the transaction.

Terms and Conditions
  • I certify that I am the above person and IRD number and bank account given above is my own.
  • I authorise PennyGenius Ltd to act as my tax agent for all tax types and to obtain my information from inland revenue by phone,internet or e-services for the current and previous 5 tax years.
  • I authorise PennyGenius Ltd to request my Personal Tax Summaries or file my IR3 and have supplied all information necessary to carry out such service and I accept full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of this information.
  • I certify that all my income is derived from wages or salary. Yes/No
  • I accept that I will be delinked from my existing tax agent or accountant.
  • I instruct PennyGenius Ltd to request my Personal Tax Summary(s) or sign and file my return(s) on my behalf. I have supplied all information necessary to carry outsuch services, and I am responsible for the accuracy and completeness of such information.
  • I am a New Zealand resident fo tax purposes - ask our consultant if you are unsure.
  • I agree to the fee structure mentioned below to be paid to PennyGenius Ltd for processing and claiming tax refund on my behalf and agree to pay this processing fee. And I understand that the fees listed are for each financial year.
  • I also understand that I will pay any tax return filing fee as specified by Inland Revenue.
  • I authorise the Inland Revenue to credit all my tax refunds to PennyGenius Ltd Account and understand that PennyGenius Ltd will transfer my refund after deducting their processing fees to my bank account as above or post cheque to address mentioned above.
  • I hereby authorise PennyGenius Ltd to act on my behalf as my tax agent in all future years beyond this current year, to request my personal tax summary(s) or sign and file my return(s). This instruction remains in force until my further notice. This means in plain terms PennyGenius Ltd will recover my tax refund from Inland Revenue in all future years and be entitled to deduct their fee from my refund before paying me the balance.
  • I will be interested in all future promotions/offers by PennyGenius Ltd and can be contacted using my phone number or E-mail id.
  • I hold responsibility to Inform PennyGenius Ltd via mail or text in case I want to Cancel/Update any information pertaining to my application.
Processing Fee

Tax refund level per tax year and corresponding processing fee excluding GST.

Refunds from 0 to $30 no processing fee
$31 to $100 $25
$101 to $150 $45
$151 to $250 $70
$251 to $350 $90
$351 to 450 $150
$451 to $750 $200
$751 to $1000 $250
$1001 to $1500 $375
$1501 to $3000 $475
$3000 and above 17.5%
* Additional Fee may apply for filing IR3 for self employed people.

About Us

Company about

We are an IRD registered Tax Agent providing our services to thousands clients like you. We can check and claim the refund for last five years with your IRD details. We are an IRD Registered Company.

PennyGenius is a New Zealand based IRD registered tax agent. We have highly trained agents at PennyGenius with extensive experience in accountancy and taxations. You can rely on PennyGenius to find and retrieve the tax refund from Inland Revenue Department.

PennyGenius provides faster and efficient tax refund services, making us the best tax refund company in New Zealand.

What makes us PennyGenius?

There is a team of Income-tax geniuses working for who acts as your spokes persons with the Inland Revenue Department and work in best of your intrest so that you can get the maximum amount of tax refund which is due to you. We are also IRD approved tax Refund Company for e-filing ; therefore we can prepare online forms and file tax refund electronically with the IRD. This online process can be helpful for you to get the tax refund sorted out faster.Our objective is to claim every penny owed to you.

Perks of working with PennyGenius

  • Stress-free transactions with us
  • We also claim donation rebates/ Work and income family rebates.
  • We also file Ir3 as and when required.
  • No payment trouble - we will take care of it.
  • Inexpensive services.
  • Importance to all customers.
  • Inland Revenue Department registered tax Refund Company.
  • Easy income tax refund enquiry.
  • Cooperative with all clients.
  • Easy accounting and taxation of your income.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 22828,
Auckland - 1062,
New Zealand
0800 926 848, 0220775510,
Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30 pm